Inner wears sans discomfort

Very often one can find people wearing latest designer outfits but somewhere on the external fit traces of an internal conflict comes to the fore at times. Generally people have a tendency to compromise with the feeling of discomfort inside. They tend to brush it aside saying "Yeh undhar ki baat hai". But it is this `baat' that at times puts one in an embarrassing situation. Moreover, most people complain that there is hardly any choice.

Those choosing days seem to be over, with the starting of Flames, an exclusive undergarments showroom. Manjusha and Sridhar, its promoters, Flames took the bold step of looking into the business of inner wear with a passionate and personal approach, and decided to remove the misconceptions and taboos when it came to choosing the right fit for the curves.

They wanted to present a showroom to the Vizagites, where one could just walk in irrespective of gender and age and choose from a mesmerising range of underwear that would not only suit their body or also their purse and walk out feeling more comfortable and confident.

Flames stocks an array of women's undergarments with designer names like Daisy Dee, Lovable, Lady Care, Jockey, Juliet, Libertina and Peter Pan. There is also an exclusive counter for men and infants.

Above all, the state-of-the-art trial room adds total privacy and gives ample opportunity for one to make up one's mind.

Flames is all set to ignite that dormant passion and bring a change in the attitude of the fashion buffs.

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