Inner expressions

Vinitha Anand.

Vinitha Anand.  

Vinitha Anand’s on-going show, ‘Sense and Form’ offers genuine excitement through variation of media

Vinitha Anand admits she is emotionally attached to her paintings. They are, to her, an expression of her inner being that pours forth in colours and shapes and move to create an unexpected and new picture on paper. “I paint because I love to paint, because it is the closest manner in which I can express my self. What forms on paper is not often deliberate but an exploration of me.”

Interesting medley

So, it may not be a surprise that Vinitha would not part with some of her works titled ‘Sense and Form’ at Chaithanya Art Gallery. “Those that I am attached to, those I connect with deeply. But then, again, that is only for the moment.”

Sense and Form is an eclectic display of her paintings in various mediums. Of subjects that move from realism: a plant or a flower, to more abstract creation. Even those that adapt a touch of Surrealism like the figure of a woman in one of her works that has developed a taste for abstractness. Vinitha’s present works are a collection of her work of two years, a medley of colours that offer a genuine excitement through variation. It is obvious that her brush flows along with thought. Even the colours seem to flow with continuity: a peaceful merge between the bold and the subtle.

There are subjective topics as well, of a landscape or a township that have juxtaposed in bits and pieces, almost like a puzzle with its own thought pattern . It allows us to delve into her mind that uses the picture in consideration, dismantling them and pouring them onto the canvas leaving space for one’s own interpretation.

“I leave my works to be interpreted by people. I believe that is the beauty of art. To me it will always remain a subtler level of one’s emotion bought out in colour. I know there is no need to convey messages directly; there is no need to depict clearly: a reason my paintings have an abstract feel. If my work can give me an inner satisfaction, I am happy. I believe it is a love affair I developed with art years ago.”

As a child Vinitha watched her aunt explore the use of various mediums. Something that has lived with her for years, and reopened much later, by working under various artists. “But there has been no formal training like going to an art school. My style emerged in time through the freedom I had to explore my talent. Perhaps that is why my work always finds a part of me in them.” Like nature for example that Vinitha admits to be closely related to.

“My work tends to be influenced by nature in numerous ways, I feel we are one with nature, it is a part of us. We cannot separate ourselves from it.” A reason why the few sculptures displayed along with her paintings have figures resting against a rock, “a support from nature in our lives we can’t ignore.” To her, this is an important show that showcases works from various exhibitions previously held. Those that have emerged as a clear depiction of her oneness with art. The show is on till June 24.

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