India encompassed...

WITH MANY a first waiting to unfold in the Year 2003, once such move has already made the beginning for the coming year this 2002 end, at least in the book world. Encyclopaedia Britannica - India along with The Hindu has come out with the India Book of the Year 2003, the EB's first yearbook published in English outside the United States and the first such effort that focuses on only one country.

Compiled through the year by both EB's editors and The Hindu reporters, the yearbook is an accurate and authoritative account of people, places and events that occurred in the country in the going year. Divided into four sections, the over 400-page tome offers Dates of 2002, News in Context, People of 2002 and Events of 2002. Assembled in a similar manner as the Britannica Book of the Year published in the US since 1938, the yearbook also gives a comprehensive index to guide the reader through the entire content.

Speaking on the occasion of its launch, chief guest, well-known economist Dr. A.M. Khusro gave an interesting overview of the country's economic trend over the years highlighting its potential, the executive mistakes and good policy developments. Also present on the occasion were Encyclopaedia Britannica, India, Managing Director Aalok Wadhwa and The Hindu Editor N. Ravi.

The yearbook, already available in bookstores across the country, costs Rs. 295 and comes with photographs and graphics provided by The Hindu archives.