In contact with colour

SHOWCASING A SMART TREND Models at Kontakt Lenz 2005

SHOWCASING A SMART TREND Models at Kontakt Lenz 2005  

The Kontakt Lenz 2005 workshop focussed on the latest trends in contact lens

Leonardo Da Vinci, believed to have created the first blue print for contact lens in the 16th Century, would never have thought the product would see such a transformation. Today, contact lens make a fashion statement.

At "Kontakt Lenz 2005", a two-day workshop organised recently by Prems' Eye Clinic at The Residency Towers, the focus was on creating awareness among ophthalmologists and optometrists about the latest in contact lens designs and fittings. The event was part of the silver jubilee celebrations of the eye clinic.

Today, you can choose from a range of colours — blue, grey, green, radium glow, cat's eye, violet and even ones with floral patterns. The highlight of the event was a show, which showcased contact lens as a fashion accessory.

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