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SHINING AGAIN Twinkle Khanna has an alternative career  

Twinkle Khanna has finally found her footing

While in Bollywood, every day I felt that I am going to work, which is not the case now For long we thought every star has an expiry date. They shoot, they shine and then go into oblivion. Things are changing now. There is a lot now, which is ready to try other vocations if the going is not great. Twinkle Khanna is one among them. She drenched us with her simplicity in Barsaat but soon discovered that to last on celluloid you got to have multiple layers. Be it Shah Rukh, Aamir, Saif, Devgan or Akshay - with whom she eventually tied the knot - she was cast opposite every possible star, not to mention the enviable genes of Rajesh Khanna and Dimple Kapadia. But somehow Twinkle could not make the grade at the box office. So after a short stint, she has turned to interior designing. And is doing much better. Four years into the profession, her store, White Window, is a known spot in Mumbai and last year, she won the coveted Elle Décor International Design Award. Says Twinkle, "I realised early that I don't have the propensity to last long as an actress. I won't say interior designing was my first love but I was assisting an interior designer before joining films." It's the kind of money that you get at a young age, says Twinkle was one of the factors that attracted her to cinema. "But every day I felt that I am going to work, which is not the case now even though the schedules are much more hectic and I have a son to take care of."Twinkle shares that she has inherited the creativity from her maternal side. "As kids we (Twinkle and her sister Rinki) we were good at structures. Soon we picked up crochet and drawings always fascinated me. My mother is good at candles but she used to do it as a hobby. Rinki and I cajoled her to take it as a parallel profession."Interior designing demands technical knowledge and Twinkle says she misses a formal degree. "I had to work harder. I gained knowledge on CAD and draughtsmanship. Then I worked with an architect for two years on different projects as here you learn the most on the job. Just cramming doesn't suffice."Talking of trends, Twinkle says days of minimalism are over and people are again looking for extravagance. "I believe fashion trends also reflect interior designing. My effort has always been that India should reflect through my work."

Husband's support

She is now working on a jewellery store in the city. Managing logistics is an issue with outstation jobs, particularly when you have a family. Twinkle says when you have a husband like Akshay, things become easier. Akshay is at the height of his career but Twinkle maintains, "He takes care of Aarav when I am out for month-long assignments. This includes changing diapers and giving him a bath."Any chance of a comeback to Bollywood? "No. I did enjoy doing theatre for a while but then I got so engrossed in work, that I could not take out time." However, she could remain connected to her past through set designing. "Yes, I have got offers but I like permanence." Some people don't want to live up to their name! ANUJ KUMAR