Are you ‘India’s hottest’?

Channel [V] has added to the global warming threat by launching its scorching new show [V] “India’s Hottest”. A show minus all the fake drama of reality TV and yet as real as any, the winner is decided by the viewers. All it takes is your looks and a real hot picture for you to be crowned the title of “India’s Hottest” guy and girl. Along with the glam, the attention and adulation, the winners of the show also walk away with a purse full of money making them richer by five lakhs.

Adding to the soaring temperatures of the show is Channel [V]’s newest export from Brazil, VJ Bruna Abdallah hosting the show with VJ Aditya.

Participating is as simple as the hottest pictures getting featured on-air with VJ Bruna and Aditya showcasing 12 pictures everyday. Viewers can vote for their favourite/hottest pictures by logging onto the website or voting via sms.

The show promises to “sizzle your screens” at 7 p.m. every Monday and will run for 13 weeks.

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