Hot styles for cold climes

One of Harish Garg's sizzling designs

One of Harish Garg's sizzling designs  

IT IS the season synonymous with frosty nights, nippy mornings, hot mocha/cocoa and puffs of vapour in the air every time you talk. As you laugh and sing through Christmas and New Year, it is also time to check your wardrobe. Look around local stores or in fashion magazines, you will find a whole new reason to celebrate. Gone are the thick woollen sweaters and baggy jumpers. This winter, the look is slim, slender, and streamlined, and your old sweaters and jackets from the trunks may just not help.

If it is a knit, it has to be light and different. Weekender has designed a whole new collection for the college-goer. The knits (priced at Rs. 795/895) are light, trendy, and stylish. The styling and surface treatment, even on woollens, are making the statement this year. Be it tie-and-dye treatment, a loose knit in a specialty yarn, or a streamlined sweater in metallic colours, the garments are designed to stand out. As are Rohit Bal's linen knits (priced from Rs. 1,795 onwards) at the Be: Store, which are claimed to be a first in India. Bangalore designer Harish Garg is placing his bets on linen this winter, with his range of long shifts for women.

Cashmere sweaters and pashmina shawls available at Wills Lifestyle and Saga respectively, also make quite a statement for those who want to keep snug. The range of shawls today is quite extraordinary (with Kashmiri, jamavar work or hand-painted, self-woven ones) and designer Namrata G. recommends smaller stoles or bigger shawls that could easily be thrown over Indian garments to lend a better look. But pashmina, being pashmina, will set you back by a few thousands, while a few exquisite ones are priced even above a lakh.

Thankfully, we Bangaloreans see a mild winter, and many of us may not want to invest in clothing other than trousers and full-sleeved, cozy, acrylic pullovers, which are available from Lee, Ruggers, Flying Machine, and the like. The more style-conscious may prefer the layered look, where jackets (mostly in micro suede, soft leather, and corduroy) worn over something light make their mark. Sporty jackets from Weekender (Rs. 1,095-1495), with the dirty washed/ sandblasted look or patch pockets with the combat army prints are in fashion. The Be: Store recommends the Adidas stripes look, while Wills Lifestyle has some trendy shirts that could double up as jackets too. Of course, formal office wear will include full suits for men and women in shades of grey, charcoal, and the like. Harish Garg also forecasts overcoats this year.

Pants will mostly be capris (with tie-ups) or the formal ones with slightly flared bottoms. While men have typical bootleg cuts, the combat look of cargos too will rule. Wills Lifestyle recommends stylish harem pants (priced at Rs. 1,200) in spandex, lycra, and polyester blends, while Weekender has a rather chic range of corduroy pants with florals/ striped prints on them (Rs. 995) and low waist trousers with tie-ups, stylised seams and so on. Tight, short skirts make a statement for parties despite the weather, as do corsets and gowns.() Also, in fashion are scarves and accessories such as beaded and sequined stoles (Saga, Atma).

Casual wear for youngsters includes denim with special treatments to give it an unfinished look. The retro look with ragged edges and great detail on styling is also the flavour of the season. Long skirts in a combination of two materials (such as corduroy and denim) are also popular. Accessories such as skullcaps and floppy caps are available from Flying Machines at Rs. 195.

Talking of colours in vogue, designer Gitanjali Nagarkatti and CEO Govind Mirchandani at Weekender have done some research on international as well as Indian preferences through their customer feedback tracking. So, while brown may be the basic colour forecast this year, brighter embroidery and treatments adorn most garments. Colours such as yellow, orange, red, and blue have also been largely used.

Namarata G. definitely recommends fracturing the winter bleak by the use of vibrant colours. Men can throw in bright shirts, T-shirts, pullovers and ties with their suits, while women can flaunt pretty scarves. Fabrics such as lurex, crushed and stretched cotton, suede, soft wool, and a range of blends in bright shades are also here to stay this winter.


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