Hot seat for Kochi girl

WINNER ALL THE WAY Nisha Agarwal flanked by husband, Rajesh and mother-in-law, Seema Agarwal

WINNER ALL THE WAY Nisha Agarwal flanked by husband, Rajesh and mother-in-law, Seema Agarwal  

Nisha Agarwal from Mattancherry made it to the hot seat on Kaun Banega Crorepati

It has been congratulations and celebrations for Nisha Agarwal from Mattancherry, Kochi as she alighted from the hot seat of KBC 3 with Rs.3, 20,000.The episode was aired Thursday night. Though the amount is not anywhere near the Rs. two crore on offer she and her husband Rajesh are thrilled to bits. In fact the whole family with Nisha's mother-in-law, and Nisha's two-year-old daughter Diti are SRK-struck. Diti for whom Shah Rukh Khan declared his best wishes on National TV in baby talk has begun calling her mother by the more well-known name: Nisha Agarwal.

It's hot, hot

"It has been a once-in-a-lifetime experience: fantastic and memorable," say the couple. And Nisha who attempted the `har seat hot seat' question `just for fun' believes that it's destiny and luck that saw her through to the hot seat.Facing the cameras for the first time and that too sitting opposite King Khan was unnerving for the young homemaker, but recalls Nisha, " the crew of KBC, Sidharth Basu himself and of course Shah Rukh Khan do everything to make you at ease. In fact, for The Fastest Finger First round we are all given trials before the actual start of the game. I was very nervous so they stopped the cameras and helped me relax." Even Rajesh who accompanied Nisha was indulged in by SRK, who took time off to chat with him. "SRK is very down-to-earth. He's youth personified. He really is King Khan."But jitters were only on the first day for Nisha as she went on to be a rollover contestant. The second day saw a confident Nisha indulging in comfortable conversation with SRK. She asked him about his childhood only to hear his humorous reply that he was a madcap and as they could not find a suitable mental asylum for him he was sent to Bollywood, which is a crazy place anyway!

SRK attack

When SRK let the suspense of a right or wrong answer linger Nisha boldly accused him of giving her a heart attack. The question about the final destination of the train `Palace on Wheels' had Nisha in a fix. For this she used the phone-a-friend lifeline and called V.R. Parameswaran, who works with Rajesh Kumar Agarwal and runs a commodity broking house. As the thirty seconds ticked away and both Nisha and Parameswaran on the two ends of the phone debated over Udaipur and Jaipur, the right answer was Delhi. Nisha was smart to ask for `flip the question' and went on to win that round. Finally it was a sports question that stumped her. With all her four lifelines gone she withdrew from the contest with her booty, part of which she said would go towards charity. But all this was not before a request from her to SRK for a dance on the KBC song, "karle, karle... " It was a fun and happy experience for all Kochiites who saw a Kochi contestant in the hot seat. May there be many more from here on the hot seat.


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