Homely aroma

THE ENTRANCE to Karpagam Mess, opposite the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mylapore on East Mada Street, could easily be missed. There is nothing to set the door apart from those of other shops and houses, and even the name board is dull.

So, if you belong to the group that prefers the stars and thrives on artery-clogging Western snacks and chilled, carbonated drinks, that add nothing to your well being, read no further.

Karpagam Mess may be small, compared to the glitzy restaurants, but its food is striking.

The 50-year old eatery has changed many hands and is now owned by Soundararajan.

The pongal-masala vadai combination, a huge medhu vadai and a tumbler of steaming, filter coffee cost only Rs. 28, despite the excellent quality.

The 10 tables and 40 chairs make navigation a task which even a seasoned seafarer would sweat to handle, but if you belong to the group that hunts for good food, you will surely take the challenge.

One cannot claim that it is all comfort here especially on a summer afternoon, but what matters is the taste, not the d�cor.

The food, almost on par with home, is served on disposable, bio-friendly banana leaves.

The kitchen is ancient and hotter than an oven. Despite the squashy floor, the place is fairly clean.

So, if you are looking for delicious, authentic Tamilian fare, visit Karpagam Mess.


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