Hit or flop... he stays on top

WELL BUILT Strong presence Photo: R.M. Rajarathinam

WELL BUILT Strong presence Photo: R.M. Rajarathinam  

Actor Sarath Kumar says movie making is a big gamble

A casual reference to the slogan: "Naan ready, neenga readiya?" of the popular quiz serial reminds you of the actor instantly.

R.Sarath Kumar, the Kollywood action hero.

He compered the show, first of its kind in Tamil on the small screen and with his sheer brilliance as an orator could keep the audience hooked.

His fans in the city had the glorious opportunity to catch a glimpse of him during his recent visit here.

During a rapidfire chat Sarath Kumar touched about various topics from success of films to its themes and star power.

So, what makes a film a box-office hit? The great actor finds the question a trifle tricky.

"There is no common formula for a successful movie. It simply depends on the audiences' response. But there has never been a yardstick for assessing people's interest or taste".

"If a formula for success had been evolved, no film would ever flop", he says, citing the example of "Chinna Thambi".

"Everybody in tinseltown raised their eyebrows when it first hit the theatre. But it turned out to be a huge box-office hit. We can postpone failures, but success is a fluke. Making of a film is like a gamble because its success or failure can never be predicted".

When asked about the impact of negative characters on present day youngsters, Sarath Kumar said, "both positive and negative characters have to appear on the big screen, in conformity with the story. But, the negativism does not have any adverse impact on the society. Youngsters are very intelligent. They reject what they don't require".

With the changing lifestyle, the film-going culture has relatively reduced, much to the agony of the film industry.

"With all forms of entertainment available in your drawing room, people have become too choosy about movies. Even otherwise going to a cinema-hall has become an expensive affair nowadays", he points outs, further adding that traffic snarls is another big turn-off for the theatre-going crowd.

There is no denying that Sarath is still a crowd puller, give his biceps and the regular workouts he does to maintain himself.

"Despite all odds, film industry has been surviving, pinning its hopes on people's interest", he says and is quite confident that filmgoers will always appreciate and support quality films at any cost.

Youngsters have to work hard.

They have to take acting as more than a means of employment," is his message for the younger generation of artistes.


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