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The road aheadDrive through northeast India before crossing over to Myanmar and Thailand

The road aheadDrive through northeast India before crossing over to Myanmar and Thailand  

This all-women road trip invites participants to ride from India to Thailand, through Myanmar

A road trip spanning 2,800 kilometres over 15 days, that crosses international borders. Curious? This one is for only women.

Organised by Embarq in association with Western India Automobile Association (WIAA), the road trip will begin in Guwahati in India and travel to Thailand’s capital, Bangkok.

The journey will navigate through Nagaland and Manipur, cross the 50 iconic bridges of Myanmar, allowing participants to discover the grandeur of 2,000 Buddhist monuments that tower over lush green plains in the Bagan Archaeological Area and sample authentic Burmese cuisine before experiencing the rustic countryside of Thailand.

Women with a thirst for adventure and equipped to ride an SUV or a motorcycle (at least a 200cc bike) can be a part of the trip that will begin on October 24 and end on November 4, 2018. Inviting women on an epic journey that will help break barriers within while crossing international boundaries, the initiative is open to women across India.

The fee ranges from Rs. 2,30,000 to Rs. 2,85,000, depending on whether you ride a bike or a car, and prefer single or double occupancy in hotels through the journey. The fee includes international visas, individual permits, custom paperwork, border crossing entrance fee, vehicle insurance, toll fee, meals, carnet for the vehicle, local guide and an escort vehicle, breakdown and medical assistance, and more. The fee, however, does not include the return airfare from Thailand.

Participants can use only a self-owned SUV or motorcycle, or should have a permit from the owner of the borrowed vehicle. Rental cars/bikes are not encouraged. Motorcycles should be equipped with complete safety gear and participants should have an international driving permit.

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