Hide and seek game

Shreya, Tarun and Trisha in an amateurish attempt

Shreya, Tarun and Trisha in an amateurish attempt  

Nee Manasu Naaku

Telusu (Telugu)

Cast: Tarun, Shreya, Trisha, Su'nil, Archana Puransingh,

Tanikella Bharani

Dir: A.M. Jyothikrishna

Music: A R Rahman

Producer: A.M. Rathnam

THE FILM comes with a caption `strictly for youth'. If youth want only songs, dances, dialogue with double meaning, inane campus comedy, bare midriffs and thighs then this cinema makes perfect viewing for them. The story has a boy and a girl who meet in a train. Now the boy Sridhar (Tarun) and the girl Preethi (Trisha) appear to be made for each other because both read Erich Segal, munch Little Hearts, both get their weight checked before they board the train and get the same predictions too! As if this is not enough even their names on the reservation chart are superimposed, thanks to the railways. That's not all, the boy gets hiccups, the girl gives her water bottle and now the girl gets hiccups and it's the turn of the boy to give water. So he fills water at a tap while the train moves and the boy runs alongside as if unaware of the fact that bogies are linked to one another. However, he manages to jump on to the train and the girl is very impressed. Both decide to communicate with each other just as the train reaches its destination but it's too late to take their respective addresses. So Preethi looks for Sridhar at all boys' colleges and it is vice versa with Sridhar, though both are seen together in an opening song in college campus! Now Sridhar has an ailing mother and sister whose husband is behind bars for no fault of his and also three close friends. Enter Reshma (Shreya) a football coach who becomes a thick pal of the foursome and all five search for Preethi. Meantime the mother gets a stroke at a market, Preethi admits her to a hospital. But they fail to meet even here. Just as the whole thing gets a bit tiresome they chance upon one another at a cricket stadium because both love cricket, but a bomb explosion plays the spoilsport and again they are separated.

Now Preethi's parents insist she forget Sridhar and marry a boy of their choice and she gives in. So much for all that hunting as Sridhar also decides to forget the girl and go abroad as per his mother's wish. Even as one wished both went their ways, they meet, that too at Sridhar's house.

How did that happen? Well, will they still go their respective ways?

The plus point is the foot-tapping music by A.R. Rahman which is a hit already though the lyrics do not make any sense. The picturisation of Edo Edo is very pleasing. Tarun has done his job while Trisha who is making her debut in Telugu is quite promising. Shreya looks glamorous, a bit too much for a football coach while Sunil's comic capers give some relief.

Little more homework on the part of debutant director Jyothikrishna would have lifted the film from making it look like an amateurish attempt.


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