Helping you bounce back

BEAUTY AT THE FINGERTIPS Bounce was launched in style with the team demonstrating on-the-spot makeovers

BEAUTY AT THE FINGERTIPS Bounce was launched in style with the team demonstrating on-the-spot makeovers  

A new beauty salon in town promises to make you smile every time you look into the mirror

Not all of us smile in contentment when we stand in front of the mirror. Often we feel that God really messed up in some areas while creating this creature in the mirror! But, there comes a point in some of our lives when we decide to "do something" about it. That is, head for a beauty salon, as plastic surgery is way out of the middle class budget.

Now the city boasts yet another salon, nay, a "style lounge", that promises to give your personality a "complete makeover". Bounce, situated on Lavelle Road, is designed to look like a lounge bar. This is where your feet, hands, face and hair get pampered, while your ears are treated to some soft music. Originally started in Chennai, Bounce has now opened a branch in Bangalore. Vikram Moham and Prarthana Mohan, the brother-sister team that runs it, call it "second home to the customers, as they spend so much time here."

Helping you bounce back

So, how are Bangaloreans taking to the new place? "People here are quite style-conscious. They are exposed to the fashion world, are willing to experiment and try out new thing," says Prarthana.

But, she adds, it's ideal when a customer puts in complete faith in you, because that brings out the best in the stylist too. "Beauticians are like doctors. We are trained to do these things. But self-grooming is also important. And people should consult their beautician before they buy any product off the shelf," says Prarthana. She has met many who have "attempted hair colouring at home, and ended with hair disasters!"

So, how does one actually "self-groom?" "Women have to get their hair cut every six weeks, even manicuring and pedicure have to be done at least once a month. If you are colouring your hair, then you need that hair touch up every two-and-a-half weeks," says this young beautician.

Helping you bounce back

At Bounce, you can get yourself groomed from head to toe with state-of-the-art facilities. The other attraction here is the Thai foot reflexology, a special massage service.

This unisex lounge was launched in style with the team demonstrating on-the-spot makeovers. And the people they picked were innocent bystanders, who may just be smiling every time they look into the mirror now!

Bounce charges Rs. 500 for an hour-long foot reflexology. Haircuts are priced at Rs. 350 upwards for men and Rs. 400 upwards fro women. Bounce is open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. and can be contacted on 51329200/9100.


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