Haute for the cold

WINTER IN Hyderabad translates to fun with fashion. It is not so bitterly cold that your nose freezes off and you have to permanently be buried under piles of thick, shapeless woollies. The city is kind to the fashion slave as you can stylishly wind a scarf around your neck (just try that in 45 degrees heat!) or sling a slinky stole on your shoulders or wear a nifty little jersey, which is not the last word in warmth and carry on sparkling conversation without your teeth chattering.

Indulge (White House, Begumpet) has brought out a neat range of stoles and scarves that are just what the doctor ordered. Scarves in chiffons and viscous in every colour and print imaginable including the cutest teddy bears and charming florals are in the range of Rs. 100 to Rs. 150. Stoles in jute, viscous and silks are in the range of Rs 300. The black ones with silver or gold embroidery look grand, as do the ones with jamevar thread work. The range of bags in organza and jute are to die for. With silk or a jute braid serving as handles, they are a steal at Rs. 395. Tube work and zardosi on black and white with appliqu� work are a big hit with the collegians.

For winter, Indulge has a host of semi-formal chiffons (printed and plain) and a lot of pastels and fresh floral prints. While short kurtas are riding high on the fashion calendar, the Hyderabadi according to Divya of Indulge "is very conscious of what looks good on them. We do not want to be setting trends. We just want to sell stuff people would feel good wearing." And a visit to Indulge would ensure just that!


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