Handy books for sportsmen

SPORTS STATISTICS books in Tamil? Good idea and worth an attempt. The men, who burnt the midnight oil to compile, are now walking with their heads held high. The reason, orders have already started flowing from the Tamil Nadu universities.

The products of the Teachers Publishing House (TPH), released by Joint Commandant Special Task Force, Walter I Dawaram, are packed with vital info on athletics, playfield measurements and yoga.

The three wise men, who penned precious information in black and white, were S Alagesan of Maruthi College of Physical Education, P Maari Ayya of Bharathidasan University and Yoga Maharishi B Gopalananda.

The trio are experts in the relevant field. It is not an easy affair, as one may think, to engrave these books. Each one of them had taken great pains to provide value-packed details for the sports fraternity of Tamil Nadu.

For Alagesan it took six months, close to 400 hours, for jotting the books on athletics and field measurement. Alagesan, a qualified AAFI official, said it was Maari Ayya who introduced him to the writing field.

"Maari Ayya had written several sports books earlier and he encouraged me to a great extent. Till then, I had devoted more time for sports activities. Now, I am able to do both neatly and comfortably". Alagesan, who has a rich experience of 24 years in the sports arena, was confident that there would be a great demand for these books in Tamil Nadu. "I initially worked on Physical Education books and `Know the Game' pocket sports books in English and Tamil for school children.

It contained precise information and was welcomed by the schools. But this is for the first time that we have put together our practical experience and mathematical calculations. We are sure it will take us miles".

Dawaram and Dr Sivanthi Adityan, who had scripted the foreword for the books, appreciated the efforts taken by the authors. Dawaram observed that the books would come in handy for the physical education teachers and requested them to make the best use of it.

The book on yoga was done on a much a shorter duration. Maharishi Yogananda, initially, was hesitant about his work.

"I was worried whether I would be able to extend the readers good and great views. Hence, I did it patiently and carefully. Now, I am convinced it was good working at it.

"Also, I am happy that I have realised yet another dream in my life,'' said Gopalananda. TPH has been exclusive publishing physical education, drawing and sports library books in Coimbatore. Mr V Ramakrishnan, TPH's big man, was happy and convinced with the acclamation for the books.

He said, as a first step, around 2,000 copies would be published and circulated in and around Tamil Nadu.


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