H2O travails continue

DHANRAJ, PRODUCER of Kannada film H2O, who had invested Rs. 7 crore in the making of the film, is in dire straits following the failure of H2O.

He was recently much in need of the life-giving fluid, when he staged a novel and heart-rending protest to demand dates from Upendra, the star of the film.

He claims that he lost above Rs. 3 crore going by Upendra's words. Dhanraj sat on the footpath in the scorching sun, just opposite to the Film Chamber of Commerce temporary office in Gandhinagar, so that the film body would intercede on his behalf and get him a fresh call sheet from Upendra! Really moved with the condition of Dhanraj, a few journalists present roped in South Indian Film Chamber of Commerce President K.C.N. Chandrasekhar to control the situation. Sweating in summer has its advantages!


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