Gooseberry preparations

Since gooseberries (amla) are available in plenty I would like to have the recipes for amla murabba, amla pickle and amla juice. Please give recipes for small quantities as mine is a small family.

Indubala, Moula Ali

Lakshmi Subramanyam, R.K. Puram

FOR PICKLE: Take 1 kg raw amla and prick with needle. Add 200 gms salt and 50 gms turmeric powder and keep aside for one week. Heat 1 litre refined oil and cool it. Broil 25 gms methi seeds and 50 grams mustard seeds and make it into a powder. Add the powders along with 100 grams mamidi allam paste and red chilli powder to the oil. Mix amla into this mixture and keep aside for one week and then use.

Murabba: Cut 1 kg amla into half and remove the seeds and chop roughly. Mix amla with water to cover it up and cook for 10 minutes. Add 1 � kg sugar and cook for 10 - 15 minutes. Add 10 gms dry ginger powder. Cool and use.

Juice: Cut 1 kg amla into half and remove seeds. Put into a food processor and make a paste. Make sugar syrup cooking 150 gms sugar and water together. Add 5 gms cardamom into the sugar syrup and add 15 gms black pepper and cook well. Remove from fire and add amla paste. Keep aside till it cools. Strain and enjoy the drink.

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