Glamour quotient

Pune girl Kashmira Pardeshi has just wrapped up shoot for her debut film @Nartanasala. Next, she heads to Chennai to make a debut in Tamil cinema, an offer she got while working in this one.

Kashmira is Rajput but born and brought up in Maharashtra. She knew quite early that she was cut out for something glamorous and creative; so she took subjects that interested her. “I love writing, reading and design.” A graduate in communication design, she dabbled in advertisements and a stint in Pravah theatre in Mumbai. She says, “Theatre makes your technique better; you learn about yourself more. I gained experience by working at Pravah theatre and noted theatre personality and actor Neeraj Kabi had been my mentor. The camera captures every small detail, small movements. On stage, people can’t see all the details, so you need to be loud. It is different when it comes to facing the camera for movies. Cinema and theatre have taught me a great deal and I am still learning. I have also been practising Kathak since I was six years old.” Her parents were supportive of her decision but insisted she complete one thing first and then move to another discipline. So she waited to complete graduation and switched to theatre and then films.

She shares, “My Tamil film with Siddharth and GV Prakash is directed by Sashi. I don’t look at languages as a barrier and look at characters as a platform.”

Is she aware of the background of Nartanasala ? “I have been told it is a classic. I am aware of south films and have seen the dubbed films on television. There are so many different emotions and a fast moving screenplay and visuals. We would watch Telugu and Tamil cinema at home and I loved Mahanati . I am overwhelmed by the response to the recent video song that was released, and I can’t wait to see the film.”

“@Nartanasala is a mix of many emotions that it will surprise everyone. There is a love story and also comedy in it. The few days I worked with this team have been memorable. I hope people appreciate my work and I come back to do more films,” she signs off on a positive note.

She knew very early that she was cut out for something glamorous and creative and took up subjects that interested and suited her.

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