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BEST FACE FORWARD Homemade scrubs are ideal for the skin

BEST FACE FORWARD Homemade scrubs are ideal for the skin  

Exfoliation is an ideal way to get rid of the dead skin for a soft feel

It is wonderful getting your feedback. I base my articles on your queries. A lot of you have, this time, written to say that your skin has become rough and want to know how to smoothen it. Given below are some effective exfoliating scrubs that you can easily make at home.

The skin is not just a simple flat sheet, it is composed of several layers. The outermost layer, the epidermis is made up of multiple layers of small brick-like units called cells. New cells are produced in the innermost layers and the old ones are pushed upwards. When they age and die, they are shed. This continuous cycle varies from 2 to 3 weeks in youngsters and 4 to 8 weeks in older people. If the dead skin is not removed, the skin looks rough and loses its glow. When dust settles on the dead skin, it causes pigmentation. As most men shave daily, the dead skin is removed. But women need to exfoliate to get rid of the dead skin. There are different kinds of scrubs that can be used for exfoliation.

Orange and lemon peel scrub

This is an age-old preparation. Dry orange, lime and lemon skin till they are brittle. While drying keep them away from sunlight. Powder them and preserve in a jar. These peels are rich in Vitamin C, which is good for the skin. Take two tablespoons of the powder, 2 tablespoons of wheat bran or wheat porridge grains, half-a-tablespoon of honey, a little milk and make a paste. Before bath, rub this paste in a circular motion all over your body, particularly neck, arms and face. This scrub is easy to make and its effects are immediately visible.

Almond scrub for normal skin

Soak six almonds in milk overnight, next morning blend coarsely and rub on your face gently in a circular motion. Leave it on for five minutes and rinse with cold water. Almonds are high in vitamin E and this scrub helps in lightening pigmentation marks.

Chickpea powder (besan/ kadalamavu) scrub

If your skin is oily, this is an ideal scrub. Take four tablespoons of chickpea powder, add half a teaspoon of turmeric powder, a few drops of rose water and milk and make a thick paste. Rub all over. When it dries, pat with milk or water and rub in a circular motion to exfoliate. Pay special attention to elbow and underarms, where dead skin is more. If you have dry skin, you can substitute milk with cream or malai. Try this before a party, you will have a glowing skin.

Fenugreek (methi/ vendhiyam) facial scrub

According to Ayurveda, fenugreek seeds are a medicinal spice, which rejuvenate the body. Soak 2 tablespoons of fenugreek seeds in one tablespoon of yoghurt or curd for an hour, blend coarsely to a paste. Gently rub on the face and neck in a circular motion; wash after 15 minutes.

Pineapple refining facial scrub

Mix one tablespoon of fresh pineapple with one teaspoon of ground almonds, rub on the face and neck using circular movements. Pay special attention to areas prone to excess oil such as forehead, nose and chin. Wash after 15 minutes. The enzymes in the pineapple soften the skin while the ground almonds remove old skin.

Finally, all skin types look better after a weekly polishing treatment. In our tropical climate, it is necessary to exfoliate but do not do it everyday. If your skin is oily do it once a week and for those with dry skin exfoliation is a must as it makes the skin glow.


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