German celluloid fete

The very mention of Germany in films would bring back memories of Nazi soldiers forcibly pushing beleaguered Jews into gas chambers, barbed wires of concentration camps, the stern face of Hitler and the staccato of machinegun filling the air. But here was Germany in a different mould.

The recent German film festival hosted by the Vizag Film Society (VFS) gave an altogether different insight of that country. Though most of the seven films that were screened at the Andhra University Journalism Department were set in the post-Nazi era they trod into the emotional side of the German people with women playing the protagonist.

The festival was planned with the cooperation of National Federation of Films and they were screened from September 15 to 21. Films from award-winning directors like Peter Hanke, Wolfgang Becker, Ivan Fila and Michael Verhoeven were screened.

"We initially restricted the celluloid fete to the members but we opened up for everybody seeing the response. Moreover the main aim of VFS is to promote good films, be it parallel or semi-parallel films," says its president, Bobby Vardhan.

Only a few months old, VFS has already screened award-winning films like `Tiladanam', `Kallu' and `Patang'. It plans to host a series of `directors special' festival, featuring films from noted directors like V. Shantaram, Satyajit Ray, Shyam Benegal and K. Viswanath shortly.

It is true that films are cultural ambassadors and they transcend all boundaries, and festivals like this would give an opportunity not only to see the technical brilliance of different film makers but also give a glimpse of the culture of different countries. All the films were sub-titled in English.


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