Gandhi in your pocket

Artful duoShivani Patel and Kesha Vasant; (below) the Bapu walletSpecial arrangement  

Quick, take a look at your wallet. It’ll be filled with credit cards, a few visiting cards and of course, your original license. What might be missing is cash — those currency notes we stashed away in the pre-demonetisation, pre-Internet era.

As we shift to digital money, the one thing that we will all see less often is Mahatma Gandhi, whose face was the symbol of India’s money. But thanks to Arture, which offers accessories made of cork, the Bapu will be alive... in our wallets.

This Chennai-based vegan lifestyle company has, in association with Dentsu Webchutney, come up with a special ‘Bapu range of wallets’ that will have a modern minimalistic icon of the Father of the Nation embossed on the card pockets.

“As a brand, we connect with a lot of Bapu’s philosophy — being vegan and using natural material,” says Shivani Patel, who founded Arture along with Kesha Vasant in 2015, “we wanted this to be a tribute to the great man.” The result was their latest Limited Edition wallets that can be made-to-order. The process involves embossing — the same process that’s followed for having a logo in the product. “There are icons on offer — his famous glasses or a side-profile. There’s also a third design that will be out soon,” she adds.

Priced at a range of Rs. 820 to Rs. 4,000, the wallets will be worked on depending on orders received. Like most of their other products, the designs on this edition too will be simple. “We are a minimalistic brand — we stand for simplicity. As a designer, I’m thinking of doing things the best way possible but without too much frills.”

Their latest edition ties up with that philosophy perfectly and Patel is happy with the feedback coming in for the range that was launched on Gandhi Jayanti last week. “We’ve been getting quite a number of enquiries about this range,” she says.

Part of the proceeds from this sale will go towards an ashram in Bihar founded on Bapu’s values. Adds PG Aditya of Dentsu Webchutney, “It might take some time for a larger public to understand this kind of a concept and that it is important to them and their wallets. But I’m glad to see them buying not just the wallets but also into the cause.”

This Chennai-based company has come up with wallets that will have a minimalistic icon of Gandhi