GAMING goes hi-tech

CHILDREN OF the world, rejoice. Move over, video arcades. Conventional PC gaming and Nintendo are pass� as new tech emerges in the metros. In this day and age where technology rules, you don't need your friend's physical presence to beat him in a game of Warcraft or Counterstrike. Life's come a long way since. Simply message your buddy/ buddies to come to the nearest centre with such facilities in their city or location, log on and start playing. Reliance Web World now brings in a state-of-the-art expertise driven gaming facility right to your city.

Says John John, circle head of operations, Reliance, which has opened such centres all over the country, "The response is so overwhelming that we are inspired to keep our shops open till 10.30 p.m." So far what has been available in India is playing on a local area network, which does not encourage a gaming community. This system is a multi-player, multi-location online play. Classic games such as ping pong and scrabble too can be played with groups/ individuals spread over different cities. All games are loaded in the central server and are served to all the outlets.

Says Ajit Nair, operations support manager, "What is vital to enjoying a game is speed. This is where we score. We are assuring you of a speed of 128kb per sec at the very minimum." PC gaming is either web based or CD based; and its major components are 3D graphics, 2D graphics, modelling, special effects or sound effects and visualisation. But gaming is only part of the picture. Videoconferencing facilities will soon be added, which will be especially beneficial for corporates, businessmen and news agencies. Freelancers or visitors who are away from their workplaces can book their own private cabin for a couple of hours and create a virtual office.