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CANDID TALK Shahid Kapoor looks forward to his latest release

CANDID TALK Shahid Kapoor looks forward to his latest release  

Shahid Kapoor talks about his latest release, "Vivah"

For an actor the most difficult role is the he doesn't identify with. Yet, a professional actor not only has to go by the director's dictat but also has to convince himself. In Shahid Kapoor's case, Sooraj Barjatya's V ivah arrived with similar riders. Shahid minces admitting, "Honestly speaking, I am very different from Prem, the character I am playing in Vivah. I would never go to see a girl for my marriage the way he goes. I find it extremely embarrassing for both the sides. I would never like to marry without being settled. But what convinced me about the role was Sooraj's statement that almost shocked me. He told me that in India, up to 90 per cent marriages are arranged. So how come nobody thought of making a film on the subject? Keeping just this thing in mind, I am a part of the film." The actor says every scene in the film came as an education. "I discovered a whole new gamut of emotions a boy goes through from engagement to marriage. I realised that it is so different to be devoted to someone you don't even know, and then you also direct your attention towards that. How a friendship flowers into love and culminates into a lifetime relationship was something new to me though I have known that among my friends and relatives. So I would call my role as a journey from a boy to man," elaborates Shahid.At the end of the shooting, Shahid says he was nonetheless impressed with the kind of bond that an arranged marriage brings with it. "The film is not a clichéd experience of love between engagement and marriage. It's about the ethics that it brings. It is about living up to the promise one makes during that phase of love. Sooraj has so sensitively portrayed some scenes that I believe after watching the film, people with disturbed marital relations, will ponder over their marriage and try to make it work again. Believe me, it was huge responsibility to make it look real on reel," asserts Shahid. If the long dialogues and emotionally-charged scene during the climax was one hangover for Shahid, some tips from relatives who have had an arranged marriage helped in knowing how does a boy behave when he goes to see a girl for the first time.RANA SIDDIQUI

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