Gain some extra kilos...

MY ARTICLES have generated an overwhelming response to my articles and I have received a number of letters and e-mails on problems related to hair, skin and diet. A number of people have expressed their appreciation for diet suggested to keep slim and trim and an equal number have now written to me saying that they are on the other side of the battlefield and want to know how to gain weight as they are thin and this makes them self conscious and effects their personality.

So, here is a diet that will help in gaining weight and filling up the cheeks to give a feeling of well-being. Since eating big meals makes you feel uncomfortable, the trick is to eat to at least 6-8 times a day.

Specially for Tuhit, Radha, Aarthy and others:

Early morning:

*1 cup of full fat milk with any of the health drinks available in the market.

*10-almonds soaked overnight and their skin removed. The water they have been soaked it can be used to wash your face and hands as it contains a number of nutrients.

Gain some extra kilos...


* Two eggs as you want or three idlis, or two-dosas or cereals like cornflakes or ragi / wheat or oat porridge-1 big bowl.

Full fat milk - 1 cup with 1 tsp. of Ensure powder.

* Fruit - preferably one banana / chikku/ grapes / mango.


* One banana

* Milkshake (any type) - One glass with full fat milk


* Four chapatis (made from 200 gms of atta) or Rice - 200 gms cooked.

You could weigh it for the first time to know the quantity:

* Channa / Rajma / Lobia (karamani) - made into a gravy. These are high in proteins and should be taken during lunchtime as they can be digested easily. Non-vegetarians can have meat / fish / chicken in a gravy form.

* Vegetable -1 bowl. You can mix with potatoes.

* Curd -1 bowl - add dry fruits like almonds, cashew nuts etc.

* Ice cream as much as you can.

* Cut fruit-1 bowl.


* Milkshake made with full fat milk and banana / chikku and ice cream.

* Mixture with lots of cashew nuts/peanuts and dry-fruits.

Evening-8 p.m:

One glass of vegetable juice and a banana


* Dal / Sambar.

* Paneer or egg bhujiya - like you make any dry vegetable.

* One green leafy vegetable.

* Four chapatis or 200 gms rice.

Sweets or desserts, as much as you want.

Gain some extra kilos...

Bed time:

1 cup full fat milk with a tsp. of Ensure

Some tips:

* Avoid drinking soup, buttermilk, lime juice, tender coconut, These fill up your stomach and are low in calorie.

* Reduce your physical activity. If you are walking for � hour, reduce to 15 minutes. Same for any other exercise or out door game that you play.

* Take one Spirulina capsule and one B-carotene. These are natural vitamins and help to metabolise your food better.

* Make a habit of munching in between meals like chocolates or any snacks.

* Try to be happy and do not worry about minor problems. Worrying leads to stress and affects absorption of food.

I RECEIVED a number of e-mails and queries on skin care and maximum were on help for pimple problem. Teenagers have asked me for the routine as well as the do's and don'ts to get rid of pimples / acne. I had written a full article on acne; but, for those of you who missed it, here is what you should follow to prevent and treat pimples:

Daily skin care:

Be most conscientious in following your daily skin care routine until the condition is corrected.


*Wash your hands, then wash your face with a medicated soap. Pat dry; do not rub.

* Saturate a piece of cotton with an astringent lotion and gently press all over the face and rinse with cool water. This helps to freshen and reduce excessive oiliness.

* If you are at home, apply a medicated cream on pimples - one that is greaseless and skin-tinted. This will work to dry and heal the pimples. If you are going out, apply calamine lotion adding a drop of clove oil / mint oil. Now apply this as a foundation.


Repeat the morning treatment if possible. Otherwise, "quick clean" by using an astringent with a wet cotton and re-apply medicated cream if staying at home or Lacto Calamine if going out


* Repeat the cleaning routine. Make a paste with a chandan stick and water like you do for puja. Finger tip it on your pimples and scars. Sleep with it and wash off in the morning.

* Twice in a week deep cleanse to control blackheads and keep the pores free from clogging of excess oil - either get it done professionally at a beauty parlour or if you want to do it at home, follow the method given below:

— Wet the face with warm water. Take a teaspoon of oats, add water and apply on face; then rub with your fingers in circular motion; concentrate on areas where there are blackheads and excessive oiliness. Rinse gently.

Dos and don'ts for acne:

* Avoid using creams, make-up and ointments that are oil based.

* Do not rub, squeeze or pick pustules.

* Follow skin care routine diligently.

* Do not use beauty soaps; use medicated soaps.

* Try to avoid stress and strain. Meditate for 10 minutes daily or do yoga.

* In case of severe acne, consult a doctor.

* Get rid of dandruff as it aggravates acne.

Recommended diet

* Diet plays an important role in the prevention of acne. During adolescence, girls and boys tend to eat a lot of junk food, which trigger the sebaceous glands to produce more oil. The do's and don'ts given below should be followed:


* Deep fried foods like puri, vada, pakora, samosa, etc.

* Nuts and dry fruits like cashew nuts, peanuts etc. Remove these even from mixtures that you eat.

* All soft drinks and drinks containing cocoa.

* Spicy food, particularly pickles.

Eat plenty of these

* Drink 6-8 glasses of water as it removes toxins and helps your bowel movement and decontaminates the skin.

* Eat a high fibre diet - eat more of chapatis than rice, include one leafy vegetable like spinach / keerai daily in your diet. Eat legumes like channa, rajma, karamani - these are high in fibre and helps in bowel movement. Constipation aggravates acne.

* Eat as much of fruits and raw vegetables in the form of salads. They contain antioxidants.

* Include one tablespoon of sprouts - this will provide you a day's requirement of Vitamin C, which helps to keep the skin free from infection.

* Last but not the least, eat regular meals rather than snacking and do not go on crash diets - as these too aggravate acne.

Some home remedies:

1) Toner:

Take some rosewater, add ice to it and use it as a skin toner and to close pores.

2) Scrubber:

Mix gram flour (besan) and wheat husk with milk and apply it on the face, scrub lightly. The gram flour cleans: the wheat husk is derm abrasive (removes dead skin) and the milk is a moistur iser.

3) Dry treatment for pimples:

Spirit of camphor or camphor-lotion is available at the chemist. Apply with a ear-bud on pimples. It may sting but do not worry. It dries up pimples and checks infection.

4. To lighten scars:

Make a paste of chandan by rubbing it on a rough surface with water. Finger tip at night on the scars and pimples. Sleep with it and wash it in the morning.


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