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FRESH FARE Ofen serves baked goodies

FRESH FARE Ofen serves baked goodies  

Drop in at Ofen for fresh croissants and tarts

Imagine this: A basket of freshly baked croissants, mushroom quiches, chocolate chip muffins and poppy seed crusted rolls. If this is not appetising enough, how about the aroma of cappuccino made from freshly ground beans and the sight of corn flake cookies and mango mousse on display?

Ofen (Swiss for oven) with a Delectably European... is the new destination for bakes, savouries and breads that takes its inspiration from the bistros in Italy and Milan that offer fresh bakes to go with coffee.

"It's been a dream for years. We have seen them all over the world and wanted to replicate one here. The equipment is imported from Switzerland. Swiss master baker Martin Zbinder has been elementary in setting up the place and training the team here. We will be having master confectioners coming down for training often," says Mukti Bosco, managing director, Ofen.

As you enter the place, a green Swiss military wagon, that Mukti terms as a technical marvel, greets you. Equipped with dough kneaders, water purifiers and coal-fired ovens, this wagon is designed to feed the army on the move. Here, it churns out hot breads. While sheeters and blenders in the main kitchen craft tarts and butter cookies.

Calories? "You can be indulgent at times," says Charanpreet Narang, head of operations, who has earlier worked with The Park, Madina Jumeirah and other leading chains in Paris, Italy and Seychelles. He introduces Chocolate chunk cookies to the city.

"Try out our multi-grain loaves with bajra, ragi and soya flour. Our farmhouse whole wheat breads have 80 per cent wheat atta. No additives and colours are used. Cheeku roulade is sugar free and made with organic cheeku powder," he says of the healthy options, pointing to a cold pastry shelf that also holds Danish pastry, doughnuts and other sinful desserts. Check out the place for some exotic and egg less cakes, and cookies .

Oatmeal and peanut butter cookies, biscotti and macaroons are available between Rs. 45 and Rs. 70 per kg. Don't forget latt�, frappe and ginger tea. On the cards are pre-plated meals - salads, soup, baked dish and dessert, along with a terrace cafeteria, conference hall and children's play area. The already Wi-Fi enabled restaurant is a neat option to work on your laptop as you bite into a chewy chocolate chip cookie with a sippa' strawberry milk shake. As Narang says, "you don't have to go to France for the experience."


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