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Doing the DJ act: Ray Davies and David. H — Photo: K. Gajendran

Doing the DJ act: Ray Davies and David. H — Photo: K. Gajendran  

REVELLERS WOULD vouch that Ibiza is a heaven on earth. With some of the biggest clubs on the planet within a radius of 10 miles, Ibiza would probably translate as `celebration of life'. This Spanish island is today the irrefutable `sunset capital' where dusk to dawn parties jive to ambient, deep house, techno and more sounds, and spin gurus like Paul Van Dyke rule. "Ibiza has seven of the world's famous clubs," explains DJ Ray Davies, of Eden, Ibiza who flew down to the twin cities for the Bacardi Blast recently. Accompanying him was percussionist David H— the bongoman "Most disc jockeys don't like having a percussionist live. But I feel he complements me," says Davies. David thinks otherwise, "if there is a power cut, Ray is in trouble. So I become his live organic support," he chuckles.

Ray Davies a native of Greece, is in the Mecca of clubbing for over 15 years. "I always wanted to be a DJ even when I was in school. I came to UK where I played at Syndicate, the popular club in London, where the owner of the Ibiza club spotted me. Now I fly to London and New York for weekend gigs. Ibiza is the hardest place to be a DJ. You have to be top level to be in the premier league," he observes, as he spins 24X7 parties at Ibiza, back to back. Music he listens to is Pink Floyd, hip-hop and play stations, including the popular Radio 1 at Ibiza, noted for its Sunset Shows. "Incidentally a friend of mine in Radio 1 got me introduced to David," he recollects.

David H has been playing, "with leading DJs in Ibiza," for the past four years, apart from working on albums including the chart busters So Pure, Passion and Feels Good. "I love the tabla," he says. Artists he admires include Ravi Shankar and Karunesh. "Karunesh's music is very difficult and amazing. Something you can relate to," he observes. Davies plans to take Indian music samples back to Ibiza. "I'd like to come up with a middle form blending classical Indian and Western music," he says. After releasing an underground single recently, he plans to come up with an album this summer.

Currently touring India, the duo expects the December 18 gig at Goa, with an estimated 20,000 crowd of revellers, to be one of their best parties ever. As a parting question, that probably most of the party animals in town who want to go to Ibiza someday have in mind--why does Ibiza rock? "Ibiza is the third magnetic pole after the north and south poles and has the energy zone passing through it. Music is a form of energy," explains David. "The clubbing scene exploded in 1990-91. But it goes back to the hippies' era here in 1960s. For a place to become a happening destination like that, the vibe has to exist. The place grows naturally," says Davies on a sober note.

If you love good dance music, Ibiza is `the' destination. "Ideal season to visit would be between June and September. It is very cold in winters later and it rains rest of the month," advises Davies. And you know where to go once there.


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