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Boman Irani as Gandhi in Feroz Khan's play,

Boman Irani as Gandhi in Feroz Khan's play, "Mahatma vs Gandhi".  

THIRTYFOUR-YEAR-old Boman Irani was quite amused when he was asked to act as a 75-year-old man by theatre personality Rahul De Cunha for his play "I Am Not Bajirao", an adaptation of "I'm not Rappoport".

"But the biggest amusement came when my 6'2" and 98 kg self was asked to shed 18 kg to play Gandhi in Feroz Khan's "Mahatma vs Gandhi", says the well-known fashion photographer. He says when he was first informed about it, he took it as a cruel joke.

"And, after eight hours, I realised that Feroz Khan was serious. So, I, who never say diet, went on one," says the actor of the film, "Everybody says I'm Fine". "But, I must add that I am proud to do the role. It was one of the most satisfying."

Boman, whose first performance as Gandhi was in Durban, had 22 performances in South Africa besides many Indian cities.

"Even the role in Bajirao was fulfilling. Now, after six years, the play still goes full house wherever staged," says Boman. That he bagged the role half way through the reading even though till then he was enacting cameo roles in a few plays, was less surprising to him than that the play with two old men perched on a park bench turned out to be one of Mumbai theatre's greatest successes.

Selected as one of the judges of the Sunsilk Femina Miss India 2003, Boman is travelling these days for the selection process but adds, "I am soon going to come in a new film." Made in English, the film shows his wife having a child who is not his and she imagines certain situations as to how her husband is going to react.

Also, more of Boman would be seen in the days to come as he informs about working in a Ramgopal Varma film besides three other line-ups.


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