Free training in acting

A new film-training institute - MK Film Institute - has been set up near Diamond Park.

The institute will provide free 23-days short-term training to aspirants who have the talent but are unable to make it due to lack of money and the right connections in the industry, the institute correspondent, B.V.R. Murthy said at a media conference here recently.

Joint correspondent, J. Chittaranjan Das, said that eminent artistes had agreed to take classes for the students. He called upon poor artistes to approach him, if they needed any help in meeting established directors and producers in the industry.

Actor and writer, P. Kasivisvanatha Rao, expressed doubts about the efficacy of such a short training. He suggested that the facilities of All India Radio could be used to improve expressions and in voice modulation.

Actor, A.M. Prasad, and actress, M. Nayani, participated.