For those trendy Gurlz

THE NAME says it all — Gurlz. The clothing line emphasises a vibrant, youthful, and trendy appearance. The classic cuts, refreshing styling and dressy designs enhance the wearer's confidence. There's nothing fussy about the get up; the Gurlz creations also make one feel cool and comfortable.

Located on the First Floor, 30, Khader Nawaz Khan Road, Nungambakkam (Ph: 8206169/70), the store has been catering for the fashion conscious for the past three years.

For those trendy Gurlz

Designed and manufactured by Darmilla Fashions in the store's in-house unit, the alluring array of outfits made of viscose georgette vie for attention. After doing a lot of research in the home market, the store learnt that Indian girls love to be attired in Western clothes but are not willing to go in for expensive ones. Keeping this in mind, Gurlz makes a wide range of viscose tops, kurtas and dresses to suit the tastes and lifestyle of young girls and women, who want to look hep without spending too much. The pretty prints or embroidery on the viscose creations lend that special touch.

Gurlz also stocks georgette tops that can be worn with jeans or trousers. The styles are mixed and matched to make the outfits wearable anytime, anywhere. Sometimes the georgette tops are single layered and require inner wear. So the store also sells affordable inner wear in black, beige and white to go with the wardrobe. But rich and climate-friendly cotton continues to be a favourite fabric with most people.

Gurlz believes in each girl expressing her own style. It feels the Indian woman is mature enough to understand what style suits her culturally and what shows off her personality best.

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