For those on the move

A quick bite  

THE BORING everyday quick bite has been successfully transformed into an interesting wholesome, and above all, delicious meal by this recently launched eatery. Brown and White (B&W), on Church Street, bang opposite Brigade Gardens, serves you the best in sandwiches, soups, and salads.

The restaurant began as the dream of three IT junkies - Arnab Chatterjee, Abhijit Mukherjee, and Jaishanjar B. - who got tired of their professional lives. One fateful day, the trio decided to realise their dream. So they quit their jobs, put together all the money they had, and plunged head on into an industry they knew nothing of - food.

They decided that a sandwich joint was what the City needed. Hence was born this bright, cosy restaurant for a light and substantial meal. Weeks of research, numerous trials, and help from an expert chef, resulted in the creation of the menu - a list of over 30 different kinds of sandwiches, along with soups and salads for vegetarians and non-vegetarians. The kitchen is slightly partial to the latter as it offers a wide range of sandwiches to choose from. Apart from plain and grilled sandwiches, there is also a token offering of burgers. With help from BTRI (Bakery Training and Research Institute) B&W uses not just innovative fillings but also breads (seasoned), garlic, French, brown and white to name a few. B&W originals such as chilly panner on tomato salsa, hash browns and chatpata mint sauce are must try. For the health-conscious there is brown bread, lots of greens and salads. If you are one with an average appetite, you can treat yourself to a sandwich served with wafers and salad, at just Rs. 60.

B&W does not serve coffee like its popular counterparts. Instead, it promotes fruit juices and milkshakes. B&W is flocked by youngsters and office-goers, as it is ideal for a quick bite or takeaway.

B&W is open between 11 a.m. and 11 p.m.. It also offers office deliveries as an added service. You can also pick up an item from its menu at Food World outlets in Indiranagar and Koramangala.

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After three months of trial and error learning, B&W boasts of steady and growing popularity. With its central kitchen in Indiranagar and the BTRI working round the clock to churn out more innovative and exciting breads and fillings, the future of this venture looks bright. Pita bread, multi-coloured buns, and brown bread burgers are just some of the inventions that will soon be served here. It also plans to create a new menu for children and extend the facility of online ordering to their Internet savvy customers. If just eating sandwiches isn't enough, then B&W offers you the opportunity of joining its Sandwich Eaters Club, where you can visit its website on sandwiches and share recipes, information, and other trivia about sandwiches.

B&W seems to have mastered the art of packing variety innovation and taste sandwiched between two slices of bread.

It can be contacted on 5091455/456.