For those memorable shots

A camera is a must when you are taking a holiday. Here are some tips on photography.

* Make a list of all the equipment you need — tripod for long exposures, spare batteries, lenses, filters and extra film rolls or memory if its digital.

* If you want to travel light, you may have to compromise on the amount of equipment. Strike a balance, depending on the priority of photography to your trip.

* While it may be a good idea to carry the film rolls with you, you can wait to return home before processing them if you're not to convinced about the studios at the place you are visiting. Exposed films should be kept safely away from light and heat, tucked in between your clothes. Make sure it is safe to put them through the x-ray machines at the airports.

* In today's digital world, you could download pictures on to floppy or CD, or even upload them directly on to a photo site.

* Planning on arriving at the right time of the day so that you have enough sunlight is also important. If you are travelling with others, make sure you don't spend hours chasing a butterfly, or the waiting the whole evening for that perfect sunset shot.

* Travelling with kids? It could be a good time to introduce them to photography with disposable cameras. They could make a travel scrapbook (also advised for grown ups) with photos, tickets and other souvenirs.

* Take as many snaps as you want. Some place we never visit again. Make sure you document the place, date and people. It'll help you write captions.

* Remember to respect your subject, and the environment. Never shoot someone who does not want to be photographed. Do not quietly try and steal a picture where photography is prohibited, particularly at religious places.

* Don't forget to enjoy the trip. The snapshot will only be a record of a memorable trip.

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