For a FAIR deal

CONSUMER fairs only help save time and surely are not purse-friendly. A consumer who visits these fairs can see the stalls of all companies at one place. Even if he goes to the authorised showrooms, he gets articles at the same price. Only companies get more popularity through these fairs.

B Thiagarajan Lecturer, Bioinformatics Centre, Dr G R Damodaran College of Science

SUCH fairs are conducted on a regular basis nowadays. A large number of consumers visit such fairs, which are certainly purse-friendly for those who have common sense. For others they are not so because of the brainwashing effect these fairs generate.

Satish Narayanan Maharani Avenue, Vadavalli

CONSUMER fairs are organised by the industry to attract consumers and to increase sales. Business houses vie with each other to impress consumers by highlighting the quality of the products and the competitive prices at which they are offered.

In a competitive environment, consumer is the king and so ideally the price of goods should be purse-friendly. But, ironically, these fairs are meant for the elite, upper middle- class and rich sections of the society and so are not purse-friendly.

E Sivasankaran Parsn Halmark, Nanjundapuram Road

LARGE volumes and low margins have become the recipe for success in business these days. And consumer fairs provide a platform for this. For families they provide a good shopping experience. Such fairs are an enjoyable experience for children as well.

Vellingiri M Prithvi Engg. College, Avinashi

CONSUMER fairs offer a platform for recreation in an entertainment-starved city like Coimbatore. Visiting these fairs provide a great sense of satisfaction for the consumers. A prudent housewife buys genuine household articles at factory price or at concessional rates.

Chand Asaf K K Pudur

THANKS to these fairs, consumers get an opportunity to know the price of available products. Due to this one is in a position to choose the product, which suits his/her purse.

Lalitha K Raman Race Course

PURSE-FRIENDLY, yes, that is what consumer fairs seem to stand for! As long as there is no trade-off between quality and price it is fine. But this is not always the case. Though they are purse-friendly, we must be aware of the fact that these fairs are not always fair, as poor quality goods are sold at low prices. It is not the price, but the utility and durability of the goods that are delivered to the consumers that has to be taken into account.

PVK Warrier Vadavalli

CONSUMER fairs provide an opportunity to know about products offered by various companies and select the best from them. They also offer discounts and instalments, which benefit people. Free demonstrations at these fairs help us to have a clear idea about the product. However in some cases the consumers are forced to buy products, which are attractive.

V Savitha SNR Sons College

WHEN the motto is to attract the masses, fairs tend to be purse friendly. Besides catering to the varied needs of the individual consumer they help in saving time, money and energy.

Kaveri Kannan K K Pudur

IN recent times, the concept of conducting consumer fairs has gained quite a lot of momentum, paving the way for healthy competition among the sellers of consumer durables. These fairs do provide adequate opportunities to the buyers to select the best at competitive rates. Nothing is purse-friendly these days, but such fairs are undoubtedly consumer-friendly.

K D Viswanaathan Thadagam Road

OBVIOUSLY not everyone can afford to buy home theatre systems, laptop computers, advanced digital cameras and the like.

But, the flip side is that people fall prey to the so-called free offers and discounts.

V Ananthanarayanan R S Puram

NOW there are fairs exclusively for men, women and children. They are organised mostly before festive occasions when the public usually go on a shopping spree. The products are showcased in an attractive manner, which tempts most buyers. But consumer fairs are definitely not purse-friendly.

For a FAIR deal

H Lalitha K K Pudur

ALMOST all consumer fairs have merry-go rounds, snacks bars and fancy items.

With so many of them aiming to raid our wallet, how can one expect them to be purse-friendly? As there are no avenues for entertainment, Coimbatoreans spend their time and money by visiting these fairs.

R Karpagam Ramnagar

THESE fairs have become a regular affair in our city these days. The products on offer may be costly, but by and large unfair trade practices are not followed.

B Sripada Rajan NGGO Colony

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