For a cute boy effect

Vinod Singh in New Delhi. Photo: Sandeep Saxena.

Vinod Singh in New Delhi. Photo: Sandeep Saxena.  

SO, THE next stop is tele-serial. With a cute boy look completed fully with a dimpled smile, Mumbai lad Vinod Singh came into the TV frame through Babul Supriyo's music video, "Soch Ta Hun". Besides of course, some modelling assignments on the side. And come 8.30 p.m. this Monday, Vinod would be formally included into the TV artiste fraternity through Sony TV's new dish-out, Ayushmaan.

"It's good fun being a part of the entertainers' brigade," Vinod beams. In New Delhi this past week, he seems not to get over it: "It is a seven to seven shift. I am working for 25 days a month. It is indeed demanding. But hey, I am not cribbing."

Child prodigy

Donning the role of Ayushmaan, a child prodigy who goes on to become a doctor at the age of 17 without any formal training, Vinod says, he has to play the part of an obedient son always looked with a sense of rejection by his father, that of a great friend, a dedicated professional and at times as a child that refuses to grow up in many ways. "It is a usual situation in a middle-class family with a son not doing well in his studies. His father is forever complaining that he is no good while the mother is constantly shielding him," he says. Though a child prodigy, Ayushmaan does not want to be a genius and a loner. So, he feigns inanity. "Though I was never great in studies, my father was not so harsh with me. He is a sweetheart," remarks this commerce graduate.

Now that he has stepped into acting, Bollywood too is an arena he is keeping an eye on. "Some offers have been coming. I have not decided yet. Who know, I might end up doing something soon," flashing that dimpled smile, he leaves no scope for further probe. After watching his do at night, we shall decide whether to wish him luck.


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