Chennai-based dance studio, Swingers, is sweeping people off their feet with a series of workshops around the country

IN AN effort "to put India on the right foot", Swingers, a city-based dance studio, is holding a "touring workshop" around the country. The curtains have just come down on one of these free workshops.

Speaking about these workshops, Prasanna Kumar, artistic director of Swingers, says that they are aimed at creating a love for dance. For that to happen, "the dancer should not be chained down to mechanical movements and techniques. He has to cut free from the rigours of rules, which can have an extremely inhibiting influence on the beginner," says Prasanna.

"I encourage my students to combine acting with dancing. They have to bring an acting tendency to dance." Interestingly, Bharath, one of the boys in the film "Boys", is his student.

At the just-concluded workshop in the city, the participants got to dance to some famous musical tracks. One of them was from the legendary choreographer Bop Fosse's repertoire. The participants had to move rhythmically to the music with a sequence of steps that had been created by Prasanna. Each sequence was broken into smaller pieces, for easy learning.

Among the participants were Dr. Saravanakumar, who saw the whole thing as "a dancercise that could be an alternative to the gym".


Another doctor, Sukirthi, also took part in the workshop. She said, "It has been an eye-openor." The workshop had left her considerably more knowledgeable about jazz.

S. Ramesh Babu, another participant, said the emoting techniques struck a chord with him.

Another free workshop is in the offing. "This time, for the mentally challenged," says Prasanna Kumar.

Ballroom dancing, jazz, ballet, salsa, mambo, disco and funk are taught at Swingers.

For more details, call 24360666/ 26605801.


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