Excess water What do you do when you end up with excess water in rice when not cooked in pressure cooker? Srihari S.R.NagarThe best thing to do in this condition is to strain the rice and discard the water. Peanut peel Will it make a difference if we retain the peanut peel while making peanut chutney?Vasantha AlwalIt is better to roast the peanuts and take the peels off before making chutney. It gives a smoother texture to the chutney and a better taste. If made with the peel on, it can mar the taste, consistency and colour of the final product. Storing coffee Is it okay to store coffee decoction in refrigerator?HemaJubilee HillsCoffee decoction should not be stored for long as it has an adverse effect on the flavour and aroma of coffee. Ideally, the decoction should be made and used within one day of making it.PRIYA


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