Fly high with kites on Sankranti

COLOURS OF LIFE Women working on rangolis to celebrate Sankranti

COLOURS OF LIFE Women working on rangolis to celebrate Sankranti  

And for some interesting `gyan' on rituals, recipes, kites and `rangolis' this Sankranti

Beautiful rangolis, special sweet dishes made of rice, high-flying kites and a great mood, are all you need on the three-day festival celebrations of Sankranti. Log on to the following sites and learn more about the traditions and rituals followed during the festival.

Rituals and hymns This page talks about the cycle of the three-day harvest festival that marks the beginning of the period of affluence. It talks of various traditions observed and explains various rituals followed in different parts of South India. It has hymns that are recited during the pujas performed on each of the three days and also links to various scripts of the puranas.

From the states

> How is Sankranti celebrated in various parts of the country and by what name is it celebrated? You will find interesting answers to such questions and know more interesting facts about the festival such as the special tradition of exchanging eateries and kolam ( rangoli).


> Send greetings to loved ones from this site and make this Sankranti more memorable. It has two pages of beautiful e-greetings in both flash and non-flash categories. You can send greetings with kites, rangoli, corncobs and much more from this page. It has a good blend of both traditional and fun greetings on it.


> If you thought a kite is a four-dimensional paper that is designed with colour papers, then you are in for a surprise. Ever heard of box kites? Kites with tails, special designs for high and low winds, and to suit various terrains. This URL has 27 varieties of kites' designs.


> Witness the energy of rangoli - a blend of ancient spirituality and creativity passed on from generations in India. These designs will not only adorn your courtyards, but also form vibrant motifs for the clothes to make for a great line of festive clothing.

Virtual designs

> This page will lead you on an instructive way to design beautiful rangolis that will add zing to the festival and your courtyard this festival season. You can learn how to create natural colours from food grains and various natural salts. You can also create virtual designs online before you actually try them on the ground. It's a fun way to decorate your front yards with the magic of rangoli.

Sankranti recipes

www. No Indian festival is complete without the elaborate dishes prepared and consumed with great delight. Sankranti has some very special festive dishes that are gastronomic pleasures. Find recipes of some very traditional, superb-tasting sweet dishes on this website.L.S.ROHIT

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