Fine dining furniture

TRADITIONALLY, MOST Indians come from a background of eating on the floor, as still do most of our rural populace.

But, in the urban set-up of today, the entire family eats together and there may obviously be a repeated need to rise and fetch and carry things from the kitchen, especially in households with little or no help. Therefore, the ideal dining situation for the working family is as near to the kitchen as possible with handy units for storing crockery, cutlery and kitchen gadgets.Large kitchens usually have a small table inside, to make serving easier. This is the more informal, practical view towards dining, where the table surfaces are easy to clean and the seating height of chairs, comfortable.

The days of fine dining, with butlers hovering around to help may be over, , but that doesn't mean fine dining is a thing of the past. For all of us, amidst busy schedules, a hot meal, sumptuously served is a necessity and not a luxury.

Fine dining furniture

The dining table, therefore, is simply not four legs and a flat top. Its appearance is significant. The criteria are that it must fulfil both functional and aesthetic requirements. The table must be strong with stable legs. The surface must have the capacity to endure endless wiping, heat and food stains. And in these days of small living spaces, it should look light and occupy the least visual space.

Fine dining furniture

Most dining areas these days are usually wishfully optimistic spaces created by architects between the living room and kitchen. Depending on the quality of space, a round, rectangular, square or oval table may be selected. Thus metal and glass currently holds prime space in the modern consumers' wish list for dining options. Wooden chairs, unless excellently crafted and jointed, end up shaking after a few years of use. Leave alone the powdering of laminated dining table tops, made with dubious plywood. Wooden tops provide a solid look, which is really not a priority for modern dining, as the aim is to make your dining space look as large as possible. These days, excellent metal powder coated finishes provide for long lasting surfaces on metal frames, and there is little to beat a strong weld at metal joints for longevity. Chairs obviously need to match the table, and the biggest question mark of modern dining is to upholster or not. Upholstery gives the traditional user a feeling of comfort, but if you look at all the negatives that go with it, maybe it is not so comfortable after all. Fabric upholstery gets dirty, needs cleaning and will fray with use, and needs replacement in a few years.

Wooden seats, comfortably crafted, are a good option, and so are woven seats, with a strong material like nylon. The right height, comfort factor and durability are important while choosing a dining chair. This is where good design plays a major role. Today, chairs can also be folded and put away, increasing space in a room or even making the dining area multi-purpose. Stacking and folding chairs are preferable in canteens, conference halls and even in small homes.


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