Finally, the twain meet

CONSIDER THESE recent musical happenings — Sandeep Chowta composes music for Viva and introduces Soumya Raoh in the sound track of Dum. A few months prior to this, he appears in the promotional video of Mast for which he composed music. Shankar, Ehsaan, and Loy compose music for films such as Kuch Na Kaho, after having big time success with the Dance Masti remix series. The soundtrack of Boom features Panjabi MC and Talvin Singh, who are typically considered as Indipop artistes. The message is loud and clear. The twain has finally met. The first hint of this change was the flood of compilation albums featuring music from both these genres side by side. Take a look at Hungama 10 (Times Music, CD, Rs. 195) for instance. "Dola Re" from Devdas appears alongside "Hum Naya Geet Sunaye" from Viva. "Dil Mein Jaagi" from Sur is flanked by "Kaliyon Ka Chaman", the remix by UMI-10, and "Koi Yahaan" by Jayantha Pathak.

Listen to the album cover-to-cover and you realise the smoothness that blends one song to the other, which a couple of months back, was probably impossible.


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