Feast on Fellini

Fedrico Fellini with Rossellini and De Sica form the triumvirate of Italian neo-realist cinema.

Film buffs can get down on their knees and praise the lord and the Hyderabad Film Club for organising a retrospective of the master's works.

Starting today, five of Fellini's masterpieces including La Dolce Vita and Eight and a Half will be screened.

Eight and a half refers to the eight features and two films that Fellini had completed before he began to work on this film.

The film has long been considered autobiographical with the chief protagonist, Guido Anselmi, a film director, unable to continue work on his new film as he has reached a creative dead end.

The other films are The Road, The Swindle and The Nights of Cabiria.

The Road won Fellini an Academy Award in 1954 as did The Nights of Cabiria (1957). The Road starred Anthony Quinn, tells the story of Zampano a performing gypsy and his tempestuous relationship with Gelsomina. The Swindle is about three conmen - Roberto, Picasso and Augusto who go about conning the simpletons in the countryside.

Augusto feels it is not the right way to earn money and decides on one last swindle before giving it all up. Unfortunately, things do not turn out as planned.

La Dolce Vita was the first movie to question people in positions of authority and provoked controversy when it first came out while

The Nights of Cabiria focuses on a prostitute with a sunny disposition who refuses to be cowed down by all the awful things happening in her life.

All the films will be screened at Sri Sarathi Studios from 6.30 p.m.

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