Facials for all

Apart from the cleansing, nourishing and toning, a variety of facials for different skin types has many advantages.

A FACIAL is a good way to soothe the nerves as the face goes through the cleansing, nourishing and toning regime. "Facials improve blood circulation, tightens up face muscles, detoxifies and tones up, removes dead cells and provides nourishment for the face," says cosmetologist Chetna Parikh at Chic Hair &Beauty Salon, Amrutha Mall(Ph: 3412239). And the effect is the visible glow.

Youthful teenage skin does not require a facial though. A deep cleansing regime is advised in order to avoid acne and pimples. In the case of regulars, the ideal frequency could be once a month facial, or twice, if one if one is undergoing treatment for pimples. Different facials are designed for various skin types and lifestyles, using a blend of creams, lotions, packs and oils.

One of the regular and popular do is the herbal facial where exotic herbs, saffron and other ingredients are used.

Aroma facials use diverse oils such as peppermint, lemon, tea tree, and lavender. The facial helps in conditions of scars, pigmentation and dark circles around eyes.

Special facials - gold and pearl containing pure metal gels provide instant glow and are recommended for brides-to-be.

Non-surgical face-lift is one of the `look younger' facials that employ ayurvedic herbs and laser therapy to tone the facial muscles and sagging skin.

Oxy-facials are the detoxifying facials for people on the move coming face-to-face with dust and grime, or working on computers. This facial in essence gives oxygen to the skin.

Galvanic facial is a hi-tech treatment where electrodes help changing the dry or oily skin conditions to normal.

Facials for all

Vegetable peel for scars and pigmentation is a specialised facial. The top layer of the skin is gently peeled.

Home facials in a jiffy

Begin with a cleansing cream, leaving it for one or two minutes so that grime and oil gets dissolved. Wipe away with cotton wool.

Also you can use a little facial scrub to remove the dead skin cells. Oatmeal mixed with a few drops of rose water makes a great scrub.

Next, massage with a suitable nourishing cream for 15-20 minutes with upward outward strokes putting mild pressure on pulse points. Fresh cream with haldi makes an excellent cream.

For steaming, fill a bowl with boiling water. Lean over, covering your head with the towel in order to take in the steam, face-on. Alternatively you can dip a face towel in hot water, squeeze dry and place it on the face for a few seconds and repeat.

Try to take out the blackheads very mildly. Usually, professional help is advisable.

Choose an appropriate face mask/pack available in the market. Leave it on till dry or as per instruction on the package. Any fruit pulp makes for an excellent pack. Papaya is good for oily skins. (There are several masks available over-the-shelves from leading cosmetic brands.

Moisturising masks: Suitable for dry skins, boost moisture levels in the skin

Clay and mud masks: Excellent for oily skins, ideal way to shrink open pores and clear blemishes.

Exfoliating masks: Remove dead cells and skin surface debris leaving behind a fresh looking skin

Peel-off masks: For all skin types, de-clog pores and nourish the skin)

Rinse off the face pack with preferably warm water.

Run ice cube over, essential since it tightens the pores.

Apply a skin toner using cotton wool. Rose water is an excellent toner and refresher.

The area around the eye area is very delicate. Post-facial you can smooth the under eye area with a nourishing eye cream that will help keep fine lines and wrinkles at bay.

"A home facial once a month is fine. Don't overdo it," cautions Chetana Parikh.

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