Faces in fashion

TODAY, FASHION expresses itself in an individualistic way. It sets itself apart from old stereotypes with new ideas, new images. Image is an important player, enhancing the overall look of couture.

A new expression of ideas is found in images that go on to reflect the "look" of the season. The style gallery is a series of girlie portraits that contain an animated feel that are oh-so-feminine.

In fast-changing times, where technology, graphics, shape and materials are always moving on, "printed face concepts" have become one of the most exciting areas of the fashion world.

For a young super trooper these ideas are seen as customised placements on jerseys. Styles are flagged under a vision of asymmetry.

"Face concepts" aligned in an asymmetric fashion in the foreground with a mish-mash of other images in the background are sailing well. Other ideas like hooplas, spirals, polkas and graphic florals complete the look.

Faces in fashion

The narration sees a "neo-blend" of colours and prints. Vibrant hues from the colour wheel take form in the printed face ideas. Also, one item of clothing comprises multiple prints. The back, the front and the sleeves echo different print stories. The style detail of panelling brings in a scope to employ more hues and prints.

The details of the face are highly stylised with features being split so as to facilitate colour blocking. Eyes are the strongest anchor point in terms of design. Eyelashes are exaggerated and eye make-up (eye shadow) is played up to capture a dreamy setting.

Also, highlights in the hair bring in scope for a striking impact. From tints and tones of blues, reds, yellows and pinks to gold, silver and copper - all form part of the naughty colour tray.

Keeping pace with technological advancements, high-density pigment printing transforms these ideas into reality.

Whether it is the shiny gleam in the eyes or say the gloss on the lips - all can be given shape by using transparent, iron-on films.

Apart from the magnetic visual appeal, these images lend brightness, cheer and an originality that breathes life into the garments.


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