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GOLDEN VOICE, GOLDEN ERA Gary Lawyer performing at Dublin

GOLDEN VOICE, GOLDEN ERA Gary Lawyer performing at Dublin  

As Gary Lawyer crooned, LG Electronics promo for plasma TV got under way...

Gary Lawyer cannot be pigeon-holed into a genre. In a career spanning three decades, he has covered a lot of musical ground — rock, pop, jazz, folk and country. This ability to shuttle between genres is his badge of honour — one he wears unfailingly at every gig. Singing to a wide-eyed, glam audience at Dublin, as part of "X-canvas promotion", which showcases LG's flat plasma televisions with screens ranging from 15 to 71 inches, his golden voice served up a diversity of music that left the audience asking for more.

Occupying a strategic space in the multi-level pub, he began with rock `n' roll but did not stay with it — as expected. As the songs moved across styles, his voice seesawed between baritone and tenor.

No marks for guessing what he sang first. In characteristic style, he launched right away into the Frank Sinatra classic — "New York, New York" — and relived the fond memories of the city.

He went to the Doors next — "Love Me Two Times". This had the audience singing line for line. After the Doors, he again did the expected — he sang "Mustang Sally" with a swaggering verve. An elaborate intro preceded the next song. In fact, he tried to pile on the suspense. He said, "This song calls for a bit of communal singing. You know what, this song works like a charm whenever I try it. It goes like this... " and his voice rose to deliver the lines that Bruce Springsteen sang to international acclaim — "Back In The Summer Of '69". As the slashing at the guitar continued, Dublin was on its feet. However, even the racy numbers that followed did not get those feet moving.

After "Satisfaction" (Rolling Stones) and "Walk Of Life" (Dire Straits), a disappointed Lawyer said, "Since you guys are not dancing or jiving, I'll sing one more ballad. It's one of the best songs I've ever heard. Its beauty lies in its simplicity. It's called `Play Me'."

LG roped in Gary for its X-canvas promotion, because it counts those listening to 1950s to1970s music as likely buyers of those wide screens. Its next promo plans to bring down a singer as good as Gary.


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