Enticing tandoori delights

The Indus valley civilization, the forebear of modern India, was at the epicentre of artistic excellence, and the culinary art played an important part in the daily life of the peoples of Mohenjodaro and Harappa. Archaeological relics of that civilization indicate the way food was prepared in ancient times. Among the Pakhtuns of Afghanistan and the populace of the north-west frontier provinces, the art of using the tandoor in cooking food is still prevalent. It is, perhaps, the world's oldest living cuisine that has opened up new vistas in the shape of tandooris for the epicurean world to enjoy.

The 'Tandoori Nights' fiesta, which opened at The Park on Saturday and will be on up to December 1, reveals that robust presentation of those culinary delights, with the hotel's executive chef Srinath Sambandan wielding his own magic to embellish the legacy.

A melange of these flavours should be experienced through kebabs like the Moong Aur Mahi Seekh, Khatti Meethi Machchi, Geelafi Seekh, Murgh ka Potli, Boti Din Raat, Do Rukha Seekh as also the vegetarian options such as Kadak Paneer ka Soola, Angaarey Mirch, Bharwan Kheera and Khatti Meethi Zaminkand, to name only a few. All these dishes are marinated in exotic spices and cooked to perfection in the tandoor. Each dish is designed to be as unique in its composition, as it will be in its style and accompaniment. Experience these authentic culinary legacies amidst the breathtaking ambience of the seascape, the swaying palms and refreshing breeze.