Entertaining action

I SPY: Sunny Deol dons various disguises.  

THE CATCHLINE of the film The Hero says it is the love story of a spy. This film, directed by Anil Sharma, of Gadar fame, seems to be one more in the `patriotic' genre given the title. But when you ask Anil Sharma about The Hero, he says: "I wanted to do something different - planned a modern subject about a spy. I wanted it to be like a James Bond film with thrill, action and grandeur but we don't have the kind of money to make a film like that. So I decided to make a spy film based on little reality. There is a patriotic element in it." The film is scripted by Shaktimaan. And surely there is loads of action in it like Gadar, which had some orchestrated action sequences.

Sharma admits to envisaging this movie before Gadar's release. "The pre-production took about a year and the shooting was completed in nine months time. The film was shot in India, Switzerland and Canada."

Sharma has again teamed up with Sunny Deol who plays the role of an army intelligence officer and how he deals with terrorism. For the female roles he has cast Preity Zinta (as the story demanded a Kashmiri girl) and debutante Priyanka Chopra (she plays an NRI girl). Sunny comes together with Preity Zinta after Farz.

Sharma proudly says "this action film was certified by the censors without a cut. I make films which can be seen and enjoyed by everybody in the family," hoping to repeat the Gadar experience. Sunny Deol gave a high-voltage, award-winning performance as Tara Singh. Will he reprise that performance? "The character of Tara Singh demanded that kind of a performance. Here, Sunny's characterisation is more subtle but he gives a wonderful performance," says Sharma.

So wait till Friday to see whether Sunny gives another performance of his lifetime in this three-hour plus movie and whether The Hero may usher in some light in the `dark' Bollywood tunnel.