Drink life to the dregs

AFTER SAVOURING steaming coffees at popular hangouts like Barista and Lacoste, get ready to tang juices at Jayant Kochchar's new brainchild. With the launch of Amoretto' Juice Caf� it seems the last link in the booming food chain business in India has been discovered.

Amoretto was originally launched in early 2003 as a mocktail bar and a fun place for the upwardly mobile youth but had to be rechristened as juice caf� in view of the increased health consciousness among Indians and their liking for juices. At present it has six outlets in Delhi, one in Kolkata and three in Mumbai.

Amoretto offers an interesting menu to choose from. Apart from a range of fresh juices that includes fruit and veggie fusions like Popeye Passion, Red Root Relish and Green Apple Mint, etc., it has a range of boosters (Wheat Grass, Spiriluna, Karela and Soy Protein) and super supplements like Whey Protein, Aloe Vera, Super C, Rosemary and Ashwagandha. Besides Amorette presents delicious wraps and rolls, soups and salads and desserts.

Maintain the owners, "We want to reposition ourselves as an energy and fitness brand and launch juice cafes all over India."

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