Dream Spider visits city


Dream Spider visits city

VACATIONS WERE never so good. With two movies, the kids are indeed having a swell time. Soon after the adventures of the relatively new hero Harry Potter, has come another hero, this time getting life, literally, from the animated versions. `Spiderman,' one of the most popular comic book heroes ever is currently running to packed houses in India.

Spiderman, the movie which had recorded stunning response at the box-office in the first week of its release in the United States, seems to have attracted the Indian audiences too.

"I had heard about the movie and being an ardent spidey fan, I was waiting for it. But I never imagined that it was so good," gushes Binish George, who found time to watch the movie even during his preparations for the Engineering Entrance test.

His excitement is shared by many.

Spiderman portrays the story of Peter Parker, an orphaned student who lives in Queens, New York with his relatives. A genetically altered spider bites Peter during a science demonstration on spiders, while on a school trip. He attains arachnid abilities - strength and agility of a spider with extraordinary powers.

He shoots web out of his wrists and flies over buildings in his quest to combat crime. His friend Harry's father Norman Osborn, a megalomaniac businessman turns out to be the villain. Norman undergoes some changes of his own, after an experimental formula has blown up in his face and is now Spiderman's arch rival, the dreaded Green Goblin.

Tobey Maguire, with wisdom beyond his years and punky youthfulness, gives a stunning performance as Spiderman or, yeah... ... Peter Parker. Kirsten Dunst plays the role of Mary Jane Watson, the beauty who is Parker's girl friend. William Dafoe is the evil Green Goblin. Rosemary Harris and Cliff Robertson play the roles of Aunt May and Uncle Ben respectively, with whom Peter Parker lives. James Franco gives life to Parker's chum Harry Osborn.

Director Sam Raimi, known for his `prodigious bloodletting and ghoulish taste for horror' has to his credit films like 'A simple Plan' and 'The Gift'. Here, he directs a `sure winner' to near perfection or precisely that is what Std X student Remya Rajagopal believes. The movie is already a whopper at the cash registers as per the reports. Says Remya, "I think this is easily the best movie I have ever seen".

Neha, who is all of nine years and want to see it again, readily agrees.

Even the older people seem to be interested in Spiderman's antics. "I was never too keen about this comic stuff. But this was a truly different experience," smiles Shynu Antony, a businessman.

K.Krishnakumar, a software engineer chuckles when he hears about Spiderman. At last, the hero who gazes at you from the huge posters pasted on his bedroom has got life. But he complains that the director could have added more action. Tough words from fans of action, perhaps!

Well folks, it's the right time to search those old cupboards for those comic books which once were read keeping inside the text books and later dumped there!

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