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ARISTOCRATIC AND FUTURISTIC Shopping gets to be a pleasure at the ongoing show

ARISTOCRATIC AND FUTURISTIC Shopping gets to be a pleasure at the ongoing show   | Photo Credit: PHOTO: MAHESH HARILAL

Phew! What do you do when you are faced with too many choices, asks K.PRADEEP . You may ask the same question, if you check out the mega spread at The Hindu Metro Plus Lifestyle Show, on at Jawaharlal Nehru International Stadium, Kaloor

A spectacular showcase of innovation and inspiration, this is what The Hindu Metro Plus Lifestyle Show is all about. There's really something for everyone, inspirational ideas, ranging from home improvements to lifestyle choice, with a little indulgence along the way. And there are surprises and special deals in store for the visitors at the show, which is on at the Jawaharlal Nehru International Stadium.The gleeful anticipation of the myriad treats that are on offer is what makes shows like these so exciting. The noise, the hustle and bustle, film songs blaring out of the electronics stalls, the animated chattering of the salesmen, the muffled talk of the customers are all part of the ambience. But there something more to it that makes this Lifestyle Show different. The focus is on high-end products with breathtaking exclusivity.

40,000 sq ft space

"We have a fine fusion of products and services in this show. With a staggering 40,000 sq feet of shopping area and more than 135 stalls in two huge air-conditioned hangars, this show aims to bring the consumers in direct contact with the dealer and manufacturer, providing an opportunity to the buyers to get the best deals possible. Ahead of Onam this show provides a perfect chance for consumers to strike great bargains. There is everything you would want, from swanky cars, booming music systems, snazzy flat screen television sets, dazzling diamonds, lovely textiles and much more. "Around 70 per cent of the exhibitors are from outside the city, some of them from abroad. We have solid wood furniture from Vietnam, women's accessories from Thailand, handicrafts from Kenya and beautiful onyx artefacts from Pakistan," informs Riaz Asif, chairman, iCare Communications, the official event managers of the show.Samsung India, the electronics major and presenter of the show, have brought in their Dream Home Series as part of their nation-wide road show. They have set new standards of sophisticated living with its wide range of products from digital audio systems, to camcorders to the state-of-the-art Bordeaux Series LCD televisions.Two stalls that are sure to grab your attention are those from Kenya. The exquisite, ethnic handicraft items from wood, banana fibre and plants give a glimpse of the Kenyan society, culture, and myths. The five animals - giraffe, elephant, lion, cheetah and zebra - that have an important place in their lives are important motifs in their works. Masks that are supposed to ward off evil, cute soapstone items and delicately crafted earrings from banana fibre, porcupine quills are some of the must buys. The unity of the family and the idea that the elders bring luck, a Masai Tribe concept, has also found artful representation. The two Kenyan women, who have been part of the two earlier Metroplus Lifestyle Shows in Chennai and Madurai, hope to find much acceptance among the Kochi crowd. This festive season will be coloured in plain, subdued shades, courtesy Crocodile International. The co-sponsors of the show, they have launched this season's special shades. "We will have shirts, T-shirts in these shades and matching trousers. Along with this we will have the regular stripes and other designs. We also offer a special discount at this show," says S. Gokuldas, State-Head, Crocodile Products. Phulkari salwars and duppattas from Punjab; the bright Rajasthani wear, and cool cotton shirts and trousers that come at a throwaway price make shopping for textiles a truly rewarding experience.If your legs feel like jelly, if the kids seem to be tugging at the end of your clothes, swiftly move to the Planet Yumm food court. Catch your breath, recharge your batteries and plunge into shopping again.

Rare treats

Step into a virtually new world of furniture and interior decoration. All regular ideas and concepts are sure to take a beating. There are washbasins in wood, ceramic ones set in aesthetically designed cabinets from Magickwoods, and mind-boggling designer furniture from Limited Edition, who have shipped a huge collection from their factories in Vietnam and Thailand. Poettery, Design For Life, the Delhi-based interior decorators, has given a never-before look to wood. A variety of decorative items like teapoys, table lamps, flower vases, framed mirrors with that glazed wear and art work is a virtual stand out. "They are originally crafted from wood and then goes through a kind of lamination process which gives it this finish. It is done in our Meerut units. We work with interior decorators throughout the country including Kochi," informs Sarabjeet Singh of Poettery.The Metro Plus Lifestyle Show is sure to rock you through the next few days, till August 21 to be exact. Get your ticket and enter the Metro Plus world for some fabulous shopping and loads of fun.

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