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DOSA DELICACIES Impressive recipes

DOSA DELICACIES Impressive recipes  

Patronage for Hotel Supreme's Dosa Festival is increasing by the year

Traditional south Indian dish always has its own following, especially the dosa. Different hotels at different times have come out with different recipes but not many are able to sustain its customers over a period of time. But the annual `Dosa Festival' at The Hotel Supreme is an exception that has lasted a decade.Each year, the organisers chalk out an impressive line up of recipes with attractive titles to lure the customers. To sample a few, 'Nayanthara Dosa', 'Shreya Dosa', 'Nataliya Dosa' ... the list is endless. For the inquisitive mind, 'Nayanthara Dosa' is a mixture of millet, onion, chilli, cumin seed, red chilli along with paste of rice and lentil while `Shreya Dosa' is the dosa stuffed with baby corn cooked in masala.

Impressive recipes

Think of any English Alphabet and you will find at least two dosa recipes beginning with that letter. "It is not easy. A lot of planning and time goes in before we come out with a recipe. Every new recipe is tested and tasted by our team before we introduce it to our customers. We have 75 members in our team and every suggestion is taken into account before a recipe is conceived," says Narendra R. Lalan, hotel Managing Director.The flattering recipes apart, the quality of food is well acknowledged too by the customers going by their growing numbers. "The patronage is very good. With each festival we are able to record a 20 per cent increase in our customers," the MD shares with pride.

Catchy slogan

Each year, the hotel comes out with a catchy slogan and this year it is "102 thalaiva 102", to inform the customers that they have 102 exclusive dosa recipes. "As dosa is our forte, we constantly experiment with new recipes. We start three months before each festival to decide the menu. Our hard work is also well rewarded when customers express their satisfaction. To name a few, the 'Gramathu Uthappam', prepared with traditional south Indian vegetables in a mud pot, is a much sought after," reveals S. Ravichandran, Food and Beverages Manager.The menu is prepared keeping not only for the traditional south Indian customers in mind but also the foreigners. "We get sizeable number of foreign guests, so we have specific recipes to suit their palate. Recipes like `Kashimiri dosa' or `American Chopsuey dosa' attracts them," he asserts.The `Aval Uthappam' (roasted rice paste with lentil along with grated coconut and jaggery) is yet another hot favourite of the customers. And not to forget the `mushroom' or `paneer dosa' either. And don't get shocked when you hear about the 'Viagra dosa'. It is nothing but a cheese dosa. There is a `Supreme Special dosa' too at four feet long and also called the family dosa. "All recipes except the `Supreme special' cost Rs.23 while our torch bearer costs Rs.55," Mr. Ravichandran lists.The festival is on only during the weekends from Friday to Sunday at the roof top restaurant between 4 p.m. and 12 a.m. It started on January 6 and would come to a close on February 26. Also to entertain the customers, the organisers have arranged for a traditional `Kili Josiyar' from Jalakandapuram near Salem (a fortune-teller who uses trained parrots for his profession). The customers have a free access to the astrologer, who does not speak but uses her parrot to pick up cards corresponding to the cassettes and plays it. All the customer has to do is to give his or her date of birth. In all, the festival has plenty on offer. So try not to miss it.TSN

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