Destiny does matter: Sana

ON A SONG Amit Sana

ON A SONG Amit Sana  

Amit Sana, the runner-up for Indian Idol, on his debut album

It comes as a surprise that just as the winner of the Indian Idol talent hunt released his debut album, the runner-up winner is giving him a run for his money. Abhijeet Sawant's Mohabbatein Lutaungaa has been popular on the music charts, and is threatened by his competitor, Amit Sana, who has just launched his debut album titled Chal diye . With music by Vishal Shekhar and lyrics by Vishal Dadlani, the album features Amit's hits plus his launch single. An interview

Your launch single, unlike Abhijeet's song, is a dance number. Any particular reason for choosing a pacy number to launch your career?

I had always wanted my first song to speak about myself, the sort of an individual that I am and not the singer that I am going to be. I'm a restless, energetic and optimistic person, and Chal Diye reflects all these emotions. Listen to the song, and if you have a smile on your face, I believe you are smiling at me.

How much importance do you give to classical training for a successful singing career?

In today's music world which, is aided heavily by computer-based recording and programming technology, it is fairly easy to modify your voice, so I can safely say that an intense passion for music is all you need to become a good singer. But if you are professionally trained in classical music, it enables you to go a step further and create your own music, and even become a music director.

What would be your message to wannabe singers?

Though I may sound very boring, I'm a firm believer in the fact that destiny is a very vital aspect for success in any form and if a favourable destiny goes hand-in-hand with hard work, there is nothing to stop you from achieving your dreams. I tried my hand at Channel V pop stars but didn't make it to the final round. I learnt from my mistakes and here I am three years later with my solo album.

Which are your favourite tracks?

Besides my launch single, Chal Diye, I have sung a handful of popular Bollywood hits in my own way. These tracks include Kisna hai, Pehla Nasha and even Ishq by Sukhbir. I haven't tampered with the original tracks, but tried to reflect the different sort of tracks that I can sing.


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