Delivering the goods

WAITING FOR days together to receive a mail even from the next door has become a thing of the past.

With the advent of courier service, now it is just a matter of hours (if the destination of the mail falls within 15 km from the place of origin).

With the technical advancement and development in the field of courier and parcel services, you have the facility to send a 35-kg parcel to a place, which is 1500 km away, in just couple of days, without any damage.

"We earnestly attempt to provide our customers a complete satisfaction with our service. We even dared to move to destinations where human movement was extremely difficult. Like the hazardous terrain of the north-east," says Col.R.M.Nair, Regional Manager, Tamil Nadu, Overnite Express Limited, Domestic and International Couriers.

"From a humble beginning in 1987 to the status of an ISO 9001:2000-certified company, we have grown up, having covered practically every nook and corner of the country," he says.

"Having overcome all hurdles successfully, the Overnite Express visualised its growth as the integral part of a grand vision to build up a reliable and strong distribution network in the country," says Mr. Nair.

The unflinching support and cooperation from various quarters helped the Overnite pioneer the concept of Multiple Express Collection Centres in all metros and other towns.

This facility has now been extended to smaller towns for an easy access.

To facilitate a reliable on-time service, the Overnite has a network of 11 regional hubs including Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Baroda, Bhopal Chennai, Delhi, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and Patna and 21 area offices, which include, Ambala, Thiruvananthapuram, Coimbatore, Jammu, Bhubaneshwar, etc.

"Having understood the significance of information technology, the Overnite has heavily invested in this field.

"All operations are fully computerised for a better control of clients' consignments.

Tracking the status of a consignment becomes easy with the state-of-the-art technology", Mr Nair says.

"We have provided a software `Smart Track' to our major clients, which will automatically give delivery details of consignments after reaching the destination," says Mr.Nair.

"The salient features of the Overnite are free door-to-door pick up and delivery, innovative risk cover schemes, extensive presence in the remote north-eastern sector," he says.

Serving over 800 destinations spread across the country, the Overnite has come out with a new prize scheme for its customers, `Scratch Card'. The cash prizes range from Rs.10 to Rs.10000.